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Randy and Hank 3

Well, it didn’t go down like I had hoped, but we got a show off yesterday.  Thanks to the lousy weather we’ve had this winter, the NC State Baseball game got moved up to a 2pm start, which meant I could only do about an hour yesterday.  Whatever, man.  Still felt good.  Really drove home how much I miss my weekly dose of this wonderful music.  It really invigorates me and gets me excited for the week ahead.  You can check out the playlist here.

I mentioned it on the air, but big thanks to Vinyl Ranch for continuing to point me toward new (new to me) artists.  Played, “My Nose don’t work No More” by Randy Howard, which I came to via a mix they posted, but I wanted to play this one instead.  Just not FCC ready, y’all.  Give it a play, it’s Outlaw at it’s finest.

We’ll be live next Sunday, 4pm – 6pm, on WKNC FM.

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