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Monthly Archives: May 2014



Memorial Day is important.  It’s important, because the opening of swimming pools, the grilling of animals of every species, the sipping of fine American beers and bourbons and the fellowship shared with friends and family is protected by the sacrifice of our brothers and sisters in the Armed Services.  This Monday, take some time to reflect on the history and weight of all those that have died fighting for The United States of America.  And, if you know a veteran or meet a veteran, tell them how much you appreciate their service.  Telling a veteran, “Thank You”, is like telling your spouse, “I Love You”.  It’s never said enough.


We will be off the air this Sunday, spending some quality time with my family and friends, but we’ll be back next Sunday.  Have a great holiday, everyone.









Today in 1975, Freddy Fender goes gold with his version of, “Before the Next Teardrop Falls”, written in the late 1960’s by Vivian Keith and Ben Peters.

…because any chance I get to post this, I will.