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Let me begin by saying I am not upset with NC State Baseball, my beloved WKNC or cruel fate herself.  That said, it has been an incredibly frustrating couple of weeks at Both Kinds Radio.  Extra innings, slow play and pre and post game broadcasting have eliminate two weeks, that on the calendar, looked like sure bets for full shows.  This has lead to some pros and cons lists being made, bourbon being angrily drunk, inquiries into other time slots and talk with other stations, regarding this show’s future.  The conclusion?  Both Kinds Radio is going to remain at it’s current time slot, on it’s current home, WKNC 88.1fm.  The benefits of being broadcast on a station that draws so much water locally and so strong with it’s tower and online presence, coupled with the limits of my personal schedule led to this decision.  I have the logo tattooed on my leg, fer Hank’s sake.


All that said, what does the rest of Wolfpack Baseball season portend?  Well, the Pack’s shortcomings on the diamond is looking like a boon to us, as their participation in the ACC Tournament (and certainly the College World Series) is looking highly unlikely.  There are two more regular season games on Sundays:


Sunday, 4/27 – Georgia Tech vs. NCSU – 1pm

Sunday, 5/4 – Coastal Carolina vs. NCSU – 1pm


With a 1pm start, it is LIKELY we can get in a full or nearly full show.  The last two weeks have shown this may not come to pass, but I remain hopeful.  After the Fourth?  No more regularly scheduled Sunday games.  A rain-out on other days could change this, but barring a tournament appearance, Both Kinds Radio is unimpeded through the Summer.  So, keep your fingers crossed and we’ll see you this Sunday at 4pm.


  1. Howdy, Pardner! Just happened to catch your show for the first time on the tail end of the Wolfpack baseball broadcast yesterday and loved it!

    As a transplanted Westerner and huge fan of Dave Alvin, Chris Gaffney, Dale Watson, Junior Brown, Asleep At The Wheel, George Jones, and others of that ilk, your sonic selections were like a warm southwestern breeze on a dusty desert day.

    Keep those classic country tunes spinnin’!

    • Great to hear! We’ll have a long summer full of Country and Western, with no baseball interruptions, so spread the word!

      Thanks for tuning in,

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