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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Chuck Willis

Chuck Willis was born today in 1928.  “The King of the Stroll” wrote many R&B classics, notably “C.C. Rider“, which Elvis Presley made a staple of his live performances.  He also wrote “Oh What a Dream“, a song that Conway Twitty recorded in 1960 and helped solidify Conway as the ladies favorite.

Pete Seeger on the Johnny Cash Show



Pete Seeger was singer, songwriter, activist and a beautiful human being.  He stood up for his beliefs, sung about the poor and oppressed and knew that an artist needs to question authority, not be it’s echo chamber.  Rest peaceful, Mr. Seeger.


I miss y’all.  That’s a fact.


One more week of the preempted blues, then Both Kinds Radio returns on February 2nd.  You don’t want to watch all that Super Bowl pre-game crap, do ya?  Didn’t think so.  Just like always, tune your browser to WKNC (or your dial to 88.1fm, if you’re local) at 4pm on Sunday 2/2, and I’ll give you two hours of top shelf Country and Western Swing.