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Courtesy of Jim McGuire,

Today would have been Townes Van Zandt’s 70th birthday.  Although, I think Townes himself would have been very surprised to see this late date.  A troubled soul, his bouts with depression, mania and addictions led to a life too brief, but the music he left behind puts him on the Mount Rushmore of songwriters, and probably the first one you would chisel there.  Beautiful, truthful and goddamn heartbreaking, his modest catalog of recordings leave you wondering what could have been, with the proper producers or with some intervention to drive away the demons that ultimately cut his life short.  But to get the real taste of the power of Townes Van Zandt’s words, voice and music, I highly recommend “Heartworn Highways“, the 1976 documentary that profiles the “Outlaw” songwriters movement.  The humor, charm and songwriting genius of Townes really shine here, and it is a great introduction to the man’s music (it was for me).  It is available to stream on YouTube for a mere $1.99.  Watch the clip below, and I think you’ll agree.  Happy birthday, Townes.


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