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I’m shaking from withdrawals.  I don’t know if I remember how to get to the studio.  I’m answering my work phone with, “WKNC, hello?”.  It’s been far, far too long since we’ve had a proper Both Kinds Radio.  But, this will be changing soon.  Oh yes, very soon.

For those of you new to the show, WKNC 88.1fm broadcasts Women’s Basketball and Baseball games during their respective seasons and they often (this year especially) preempt our show.  This is source of income for Student Media and, as a Wolfpack fan and WKNC Fam for life, I am more than happy to share airtime.  Doesn’t mean it’s not killing me to be away from you all for this long.

March 9th, 2014 is the scheduled date for the ACC Women’s Basketball Championship.  With the way the mighty Pack has been playing this year, they are a good bet to make it there.  Thankfully, tip-off is 7:00pm, so it will not interfere with our broadcast.  That said, we are now also into Wolfpack Baseball season and there is a game that same day at 1pm.  Baseball typically wraps up before the 3 hour mark, which means a 1pm first pitch allows the show to go on.  So, barring extra innings or weather delays, Both Kinds Radio returns to the air March 9th, 4pm – 6pm.

Looking at the upcoming Wolfpack baseball schedule, March has all 1pm starts on Sundays, so we should be good there.  On April 6th, first pitch is 3pm, so no show that day.  And then into May, it’s all 1pm starts.  Again, if there are extra innings or weather events, it will obviously change our broadcast, but on the whole, Baseball season is a lot friendlier to Country music.

So, for the next two Sundays, just do like I do.  Cheer for the Wolfpack, break out your old turntable, buy a new belt buckle at the Flea Market and get excited for the return of “The finest in Country and Western Swing, from the 1920’s through the 1970’s” on March 9th.  Also, follow us on social media for various news, birthdays, musings, etc.


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